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1. Character's Name: Rei Hino (aka Sailor Mars)

2. Fandom: Sailor Moon S (anime)
3. Time Frame: The end of Sailor Moon S and the beginning of Sailor Moon SuperS
4. Age: 14

5. Background: The world Rei comes from is much like our own. It’s Earth in the late 20th century, the personal computer is big, cell phones are just starting to hit the market, the fashion disasters of the ‘80s still cling to life. However, there’s a key difference: magical princesses and queens of the various planets (not only from our solar system, but not important to this history) defend the Earth from intergalactic baddies and other villains who seek to seize the power of Earth’s people and of the Moon Queen, Serenity, for their own purposes. Even more complicated is that the Queen Serenity won’t rule for another thousand years and this is all taking place in the past of that world. Complicated, yes, but what can you do about it?

Rei’s early history is not entirely exact. What is clear is that her mother died when she was younger and her father, a famous politician, caring more about his job than his daughter, dumped her with her grandfather at Hikawa Shrine. She grew up there, and gained a rapport with two crows at the temple, whose names are Phobos and Deimos. As she grew older, she became the miko or shrine maiden and began taking an active part in the care of the shrine. Her life, or so it seemed, was fairly normal.

In reality, however, Rei is the reincarnation of the princess of Mars, one of the Inner Senshi and a guardian of the Moon Princess, Usagi. Her identity as one of the Inner Senshi (but not as the Princess of Mars) was revealed to her by Usagi and Luna during an attack on a bus by one of the youma employed by the Dark Kingdom. She embraced her new role and goes to her new duties with gusto. Eventually, she is killed in the arctic by minions of Queen Beryl, sacrificing herself for Usagi along with the others, but is revived by the Silver Crystal and Usagi’s wish. She had no memory of her life as one of the Sailor Senshi until Earth was attacked by the aliens Eiru and An and the Senshi were called upon to defend the Earth and Princess Serenity again. After this struggle, Rei's memories were fully restored and she has stepped back into the role of Sailor Mars.

After their defeat it seemed things might quiet down bit, but then a strangely familiar pink-haired girl by the same name as Usagi has arrived, searching for the Silver Crystal. And she's being pursued by an even more mysterious organization, the Dark Moon. Rei fought this new enemy alongside of friends, as she always had in the past. After a few surprising revelations (Chibi-usa was Usagi and Mamoru''s daughter from the future, go figure), and a hard-fought battle, the Dark Moon and the Death Phantom were defeated.

Unfortunately, things didn’t stay quiet for the Senshi for long, and shortly afterward a mysterious new enemy began sending creatures called Daimons to steal the pure hearts from innocent people, and two new senshi appeared, Uranus and Neptune. As things unfolded, the new enemy was unveiled as the Death Busters, a group dedicated to bringing the mysterious alien entity known as Pharaoh 90 to Earth, aided by his underling, Mistress 9. Their efforts are ultimately thwarted and Pharaoh 90 defeated, thanks largely to the actions of Chibiusa’s friend Hotaru, who is revealed to be the powerful Sailor Saturn, as well as Usagi’s actions as Sailor Moon. Now it seemed that all the Senshi needed to worry about is high school exams. Of course, things are never that simple.

6. Personality: Rei is, as one might expect for an avatar of Mars, a bit of a hothead. She has a quick temper and will unleash an acerbic tongue on anyone unfortunate enough to draw her ire. She is also stubborn, refusing to back down without a fight, and often gets into arguments with Usagi, her nominal leader.

When Usagi, Ami and Luna first approach Rei at the shrine regarding some mysterious disappearances, she is extremely reluctant to deal with them. She has been fairly isolated from people since she was a child, other than her grandfather, and tends to be a bit suspicious and untrusting at first glance. She tends to try and rely more on herself than anyone else, especially in the early part of the series.

However, like all the other Senshi, she is extremely loyal, to Princess Serentiy/Usagi, perhaps even more so than the others due to the close relationship she has with her. Rei would (and does) die for Usagi without a thought. It is also worth noting that Rei and Usagi seem to have an especially close relationship, with Rei often eschewing the use of any honorifics when Usagi is in trouble, as opposed to the other senshi. When Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino) is introduced, she even asks in Rei and Usagi are sisters, as she can tell they’re very close to each other.

Once she’s a friend to someone, she tends to open up a bit and often teases her friends, especially Usagi, who receives no relief from the good-natured ribbing that Rei gives her. It may, to some, appear to be malicious but Rei teases to show she cares. Around her close friends (namely the other senshi) she tends to adopt a sort of big-sister role, trying to stay a little aloof. But her very real affection for all of them, as well as her quick tongue and all-around enthusiasm for their duties and other activities tend to break down this imposed barrier quite often.

In the anime, she is also a bit more of a typical teenager in some ways, having a grasp on and interest in pop culture and music, as well as having dreams of becoming a pop star herself. She has some domestic dreams and like the other girls tends to think about the possibilities of marriage in the future.

As a Sailor Senshi, Rei seems to be primarily motivated by her dogged loyalty not just to Usagi and Princess Serenity, but to the rest of her friends. She sacrifices herself to help Usagi continue onwards to face Queen Beryl at the end of the first arc. She also has a sense of duty towards the people of the Earth, whom they protect, as she argues strongly in favor of going to the North Pole to confront Beryl directly, again at the end of the first arc. She also tends to be outraged (like the others) when their enemies prey on innocents.

Abilities: With the powers granted to her as an Inner Senshi, Rei is able to transform into Sailor Mars, giving her greater physical abilities (strength, endurance, agility), as well as the power to shoot a fireball from her fingers when she shouts the words ‘Fire Soul,’ and is also able to fire rings of flame at her enemies by shouting ‘Burning Mandala.’
Further, in her ‘civilian’ form she has a few minor psychic abilities, including precognitive dreams and is able to sense evil spirits as well as perform minor divination. She is also capable of performing exorcisms and binding evil spirits, part of her abilities as a miko. As a miko she is also an accomplished and skilled archer.

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